Life Groups

Gospel Fellowship’s Life group is not just a small group, support group, social activist group, or a weekly bible study. It can involve these sorts of things, but is not limited by these things. The objective is to move beyond the Sunday morning and commence to do life together, intentionally. Also, each Life Group will take ownership of the needs, pains, hurts, struggles, and fears of the greater communities of Boynton Beach that surrounds it because Life Groups will be the primary means for Gospel Fellowship to engage and serve the city! 

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Our Life Group Times: 

Sunday Afternoon 1:00pm

Volmy Residence 

Email Mark 


Monday Night 7:00pm

Merzius Residence 

Email Sam


Tuesday Night 7:00pm

Horne Residence 

Email Ashton


Thursday Night 7:00pm

Olman Residence 

Email Joshua